Sustainable bollard foundations




Securing 60 mm  bollards

Sustainable foundations for 60 OD CHS (50 NB)  bollards. Re-use foundations impact after impact.spacer
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Securing 100- 200 mm bollards

Protect both the bollard and surrounding foundations from damage. Re-use bollard impact after impact.spacer
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Optimising profitability

Optimising productivity

Optimising sustainability

Reduce maintenance costs by around 90% and keep saving for generations.

No on-going costs for new foundations . Lifespan of bollard is extended considerably.

Money saved can be be invested into further improvements over the  next 50 years.

Improve the safety and efficiency of your bollards and maintenance team.

No digging or heavy labour. No disturbance to public or underground services.

Make bollards removable and relocatable for events – improve dynamics of space

Zero waste or landfill for the next 50 years.  Zero on-going consumption.

Protect bollard and  surrounding foundations from damage impact after impact, year after year.

No on-going concrete or paving supplies required. Bollards re-usable following impact.

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 ” by far the most cost-effective bollards we have ever used and now we maintain bollards in the High street without disturbance to the public” City of Fremantle

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