Stainless steel Bollards

WA’s largest range of bollards at Perth’s best prices. From simple stainless steel bollards to Smart removable bollards.

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We supply all types of bollards for all types of applications. Whether you need some bollards to prevent ram raids on your business or are just looking to restrict vehicle access to a designated area we will have the bollards you need.

We can supply  galvanised steel bollards, highly durable bike path bollards, Low maintenance plastic bollards, decorative steel bollards, removable bollards, decorative stainless steel bollards , impact recovery bollards, impact resistant bollards and even crash tested bollards that are the very first bollards that both prevent vehicle access and protect surrounding foundations from damage.

Permanent bollards are ideal as they help protect your business and property 24/7. Always present and always a deterrent against ram raids and vehicle access. These are available in various types and various powder coated colours to suit all locations and decor. Select wisely as bollards are prone to impact or simply grow tired, consequently bollards installed directly in-ground are very expensive to maintain. We strongly suggest installing your bollards using our Smart foundations

Smart Removable bollards are a low cost and low maintenance alternative to retractable bollards which are prone to damage. There are two main types of removable bollards which are padlock and key lock removable bollards but both are prone to rust and corrosion and neither are impact resistant- creating downstream problems as bollards become loose, unstable or difficult to remove. Smart removable bollards are sustainable and will keep working year after year- easily removed when not required and put back in position as and when they are needed. 

Flexible  bollards and flexible steel bollards are widely used by shires and councils across Australia for parking areas and they are preferred because when impacted they will rebound to the upright position and continue to serve their required purpose.

Smart heavy duty bollards are used by all major cities in WA to keep their cities working effectively with absolutely no downtime required for maintenance!

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