Surface Mount 140 to 150 mm


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RINGS FROM AUD $50.00 each

Bollards often become loose and unstable over time and when impacted by a vehicle, truck, forklift (or even a shopping trolley) the force of the impact more often than not results in costly maintenance as both the bollard and the foundations require replacing.

Now there’s a simple solution…

Protect foundations

Surrounding foundations are protected from damage using 6 Impact Resistant Concrete Anchors


Protect bollard

Bollards are protected by built in shock absorption system and slowly self-recover from vehicle impact. (Internal securing post only replaceable component)



Re-use bollard

If badly impacted, the same bollard is removed and re-used impact after impact, year after year

All you need are two Impact Recovery Rings to secure 140 – 168 mm bollards on sustainable surface mounted or in-ground foundations.

Surface Mount foundation

  • 1 x Surface mount base plate
  • 6 x Concrete Anchors
  • Embedded grub screw

Impact Recovery System ®

  • 2 x Impact Recovery Rings
  • 1 x Securing Post (replaceable component)

Security Allen Key required

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Testimonials (in-ground version)

“Smart sustainable foundations save us so much time and money, especially since the rings are now re-usable. We have no hesitation in recommending this system ”

City of Perth David Hammer

icon_removable_bollardfreo“We had been finding it increasingly difficult to maintain our bollards (especially in the High Street). Our workers can now replace damaged bollards quickly without disturbance to the public. I highly recommend the Impact Recovery System.”
City of Fremantle Devon Cunningham

“Smart foundations provide a significant cost benefit by re-using the existing footing.

MRWA Specification 601

Contact us with any queries or to place an order:

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