Surface Mount 60 mm



surface _mount 60mm


Foundations are protected from damage using 6 x Impact Resistant Concrete anchors, protecting foundations from damage when posts are impacted or require replacing.

Post is simply attahed to base plate using an embedded grub screw.

Surface mount 60 mm foundations

  • 1 x Base plate
  • 6 x Concrete Anchors
  • Security Allen key required

Secure 60 mm O.D. (50 N.B) posts, barriers, bollards and street furniture.

Sign-posts, barriers, bollards and items of street furniture are unlikely to last the life of a development , creating a costly cycle of damage and waste.

Smart surface mount foundations reduce the risk of disturbance to foundations. If badly impacted posts bend at ground level and can be simply removed from the base plate and replaced  in seconds

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