Smart Traffic signage




Low cost, more durable CHS posts are now approved for use on MRWA projects secured on sustainable foundations. Low cost to install and maintain.

What MRWA says

Our selection is not based on price alone, also the safety & saving aspects. The Smart Taper-lock allows quick replacement of posts with no further effort required to the base, (providing a significant cost benefit in replacing the damaged sign post by reusing the existing footing ) and reduces risk of injury to employees by reducing time spent on traffic islands exposed to traffic.”  MAIN ROADS DEPT WESTERN AUSTRALIA

 601.26 MRWA Specifications

1. Sign support dimensions shall be in accordance with Drawing Nos 8720-0657 and the post schedules shown on the sign drawings.

2. The gauge of circular hollow section (CHS) sign posts for single post signs shall be as specified in Annexure 601D.

3. Circular Hollow Section (CHS) signposts must be secured using an approved fixing device and / or sign mounting bracket as
specified in Annexure 601G



Downer Mouchel/ MRWA

MRWA / Downer Mouchel Perth Metro has used the Smart Taper-lock and Smart bollards on the new Gateway WA , Perth Airport and Freight Access Project (WA’s largest ever, $1 billion road development creating an iconic gateway to WA);

Southern Gateway Project(Link)

gaeway_southernThe award winning Southern Gateway Project was recognised as a leading example of sustainable construction. Sign-posts, bollards and grab-rails were installed using the Smart Taper and continue working efficiently today. Recent upgrades included the introduction of spring return posts to reduce damage to Keep left signs that were being impacted on a weekly basis and have not required replacing since.

MRWA Signage

mrwa  “We embed sustainability into everything we do” MRWA

MRWA have used sustainable foundations on traffic signage, with the aim of improving safety and improving effectiveness of their maintenance services.

MRWA aim to reduce costs and risks by around 90% over the next 5 years; Reducing the risk of injury to their staff;  Reducing disturbance to public and disturbance to underground services; Reducing the on-going consumption of carbon intensive supplies to zero (with the aim of reaching their 2020 target of zero waste ) saving taxpayers millions every year.

MRWA Traffic Bollards

mrwa_traffic_bollards Main Roads Smart Traffic bollards are secured on sustainable foundations and unlike most removable bollards, if badly impacted are replaced in seconds. These bollards were installed over a decade ago and remain in good condition today. Easily removed for wide loads and maintenance, they are extremely low cost to maintain.

As shown left- no damage to foundations when badly impacted. Bollard is simply removed in seconds using tools provided adn a new one dropped into place, autmatically locking in tight.

MRWA Bike Path Bollards

MRWA_bike_path_bollards Main Roads had a problem with solid steel (often concrete filled) bike path bollards that were causing injury to bike riders when impacted – so we provided a safe and sustainable solution. Smart Low Impact Bike Path bollards reduce risk of injury as they are made from soft durable polyethylene compound and deflect upon low impact (and self-recover), are removable and relocatable.

Rio Tinto Infrastructure projects

Minesite infrastructureAt the forefront of change are some of Australia’s leading mining companies, seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, Rio Tinto, Hamersley Iron and Pilbara Iron mining companies have installed thousands of Smart re-usable foundations that are protected from damage by the Smart self-healing ground socket and can be removed and relocated when the site closes, leaving behind no waste or landfill.

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