Secure road-side items and street furniture on Smart Sustainable Foundations, creating virtually maintenance-free developments, that cost a fraction to maintain. Response to infrastructure failures become fast and efficient and you continue to save for decades

Approved nationally. DOH&S Worksafe Award


Good quality concrete can last 100 years but no road-side item will last this long. Installing items directly in concrete creates a never-ending cycle of damage and costly repairs. Put an end to the on-going expenditure and waste!

By securing road-side infrastructure using Smart Sustainable Foundations for both new works and renewal projects,  substantially reduces costs and risks, whilst improving efficiency 

sustainable-infrastructure1. Improving the standard and delivery of critical services

2. Reducing capital and maintenance expenditure

3. Improving effectiveness of existing infrastructure

4. Improving resilience of existing infrastructure

5. Improving the financial sustainability of maintenance activities

6. Improving the environmental sustainability of maintenance


Improving the standard and delivery of critical services

Using Smart technologies substantially improves the ability of state and local government authorities to maintain our roads and streetscapes efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of current methods.  By implementing these Smart preventative techniques, the money usually spent on maintenance can be spent on further improvements, so instead of gradually declining, these Smart developments grow increasingly efficient

Improving effectiveness of existing infrastructure

Instead of being static, infrastructure becomes dynamic, able to be transformed at a moment’s notice for events, maintenance, upgrades, or simply to meet changing needs throughout the day, week or decade.

Response to infrastructure failures become fast and efficient, reducing disturbance, improving the safety, environmental and financial sustainability of roads and urban spaces

Improving resilience of existing infrastructure

Instead of static items (subject to constant decay) infrastructure becomes more resilient to environmental conditions and impact from vehicles, remaining safe and secure year after year. Infrastructure can now be made impact resistant, removable, re-usable and even relocatable.


Improving the financial sustainability of maintenance activities

Budgeting for installing and maintaining infrastructure using current methods is complicated by the large range of variables involved. Using these repetitive methods, it is almost impossible to determine future infrastructure maintenance requirements as unforeseen variables such as damaging an underground cable can ruin any well-planned budget.

90% of budgets go over budget. The problem can be attributed to circumstances such as late changes to specifications, unexpected price increases, complex site conditions, contractor problems, workplace injury, damage to underground services, poor communication between departments, harsh weather, or delays caused by work stoppages.

The solution to this problem is to eradicate the variables, enabling projects to be completed on-time, on-budget every time

Improving the environmental sustainability of maintenance

Globally, governments are struggling to get more from their infrastructure investment with competing demands for scarce resources growing rapidly. Resource management and efficiency are key tenets of an environment protection policy.

Smart Sustainable Foundations eradicate the need for on-going consumption of carbon intensive resources and the resulting carbon intensive landfill, protecting the development from damage and substantially reducing the environmental impact of maintenance activities

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