Instead of funding the problem, we need to address the problem

Australian road authorities unanimously agree we need to urgently improve the resilience of our roads and road-side infrastructure.

Smart Urban Australia is using recycled petroleum waste to produce the world’s first sustainable means of securing posts and road-side infrastructure. I love modern thinking, so different from our wasteful history.

Did you know replacing just 1 sign-post a week using current methods costs more than a million dollars over the life of a development, yet instead of providing a solution our government continues to pour billions of dollars into maintenance that provides no future benefit.

With road authorities and councils replacing hundreds of items every week, these methods are costing billions, consuming tonnes of valuable carbon resources and creating tonnes of carbon waste.

We need to stop wasting time, money and valuable resources.

#recycling  #Invest #Infrastructure  #sustainability #Climate change #MRWA  # SmartUrban

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