Smart Road-side infrastructure

Take the complex job of maintaining road-side infrastructure, and make it simple.

To keep our roads safe, vital road-side infrastructure must be maintained in timely manner, but maintaining road-side infrastructure is not an easy job- costing millions every year, creating tonnes of carbon waste, risking lives, yet providing no future benefit.

Instead of  continually throwing more and more money at the problem, for a one-off investment of $24.00 we can make the transition to financial sustainability, dramatically improving safety and efficiency

Did you know replacing just 1 sign-post a week costs more than a million dollars over the life of a development? With road authorities and councils replacing around 100,000 items a year these methods are costing billions, consuming tonnes of valuable carbon resources and creating tonnes of carbon waste.

You’ve got to love modern thinking, so different from our wasteful history

We  listened to your problems and developed solutions that were not only sustainable, but affordable and amazingly simple


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