Unlike metal devices and concrete, Smart Sustainable Foundations are both rust and impact resistant, protecting pavements and traffic islands from damage, saving thousands over the life of a development.

You can install the infrastructure for an entire development in a single day. All items are perfectly aligned, safe and secure. Infrastructure is quickly and efficiency replaced using ergonomic tools from standing position. No digging or heavy labour and time on location reduced to seconds

Repeatedly replacing valuable concrete footings is no longer sustainable.

Concrete, (the world’s most destructive material) is currently considered “disposable” but many are pushing for single use concrete to be banned and Australia has the solution

With around 200,000 items replaced annually in Australia alone this is a massive worldwide concern and with fast growing urban populations our government budgets are failing to keep pace with the ever-increasing workloads

The world’s only truly sustainable ground socket – innovator of the year

We supply

  • Ground socket
  • Ground anchor
  • Ground tube
  • Ausposts
  • V-lock
  • v-lok
  • Footing

Specializing in simple solutions to reduce the cost of installation and maintenance, making roadside items impact resistant, and the pavements and traffic islands re-usable impact after impact, saving thousands over the life of a development


Published by Smart Urban

Sustainable Roadside infrastructure, bollards and foundations

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