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Sydney declares a climate emergency – What does that mean in practice?

With with the UK, Canada and 658 local governments around the world having made an official declaration of climate emergency, placing climate change at the centre of policy and planning decisions for state and local government authorities

City of Hobart and City of Sydney have officially declared a climate emergency with councillors unanimously supporting a motion  to reduce carbon emissions and minimise the impact of future change

Economic impacts

With the global cost of inaction on climate change projected to reach a staggering US$23 trillion a year by the end of the century, several nations are ramping up their Paris Agreement commitments ahead of schedule, with the UK recently announcing its intention to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

Australia is particularly vulnerable to the future financial costs of climate change, with economic models suggesting losses of A$159 billion a year through the impact of sea level rise and drought-driven collapses in agricultural productivity.

MRWA has committed to Zero Waste by 2020 

MRWA continues to dig up our roads, creating tonnes of carbon intensive landfill and consuming tonnes of carbon intensive resources for repairs. This department has committed to Zero Waste by 2020 but what are they actually doing to reduce waste?

Cutting emissions has economic benefits that substantially outweigh the costs, yet MRWA continue doing business as usual, consuming millions of taxpayers dollars and consuming millions of vital carbon resources year after year

Let us show you how MRWA can

  • Reduce waste on road-side infrastructure maintenance to zero
  • Reduce on-going consumption of concrete to zero
  • In doing this, improve efficiency of roadworks
  • Improve the safety of roadworkers




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