Zero waste cities

What defines a “Zero Waste Municipality” is the firm and verifiable commitment to move towards Zero Waste and the results that it will deliver in the next years.”

Zero Waste Europe

Zero Waste Europe brings together and represents the European municipalities that have openly committed to the goal of continuously reducing waste generation and improving waste separate collection and hence redesigning the relationship between people and waste.

The network of European municipalities towards Zero Waste comprises frontrunners in the field of waste resource and management such as the best performing entity in Europe, the Contarina district in Italian region of Veneto. However the aim of Zero Waste Europe is not only to give visibility to best performers but also to facilitate and recognise the commitment of those municipalities who, albeit maybe currently throwing unsatisfactory results, are firmly committed to consistently advance towards Zero Waste.

To visit the network of European Zero Waste municipalities and to compare how they perform in comparison with your city go to:

For simple solutions visit zero civil

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