building better roads and urban spaces

Are you planning to fail?

Roads and pavements are designed to last up to 100 years, but they don’t, because around 200,000 roadside items are damaged every year, essentially condemning every item and the surrounding foundations to landfill and substantially reducing the potential lifespan of your development.

Now there’s a better way

You can install the infrastructure for an entire development in a single day

1, Traffic islands and pavements can be made sustainable by simply positioning the Smart ground socket upright when pouring the footings

2. A self-locking taper is attached to the items and they are simply dropped into the ground sockets, automatically locking in

3. Items are only removable using tools provided, remaining perfectly aligned, safe and secure year after year

Foundations are both impact absorbing and self-healing, continuing to work effectively for the entire lifespan of a development

Zero risk of cost or time overruns

Creating a simply superior development

Instead of being in a constant state of decline, Smart cities remain in pristine condition and the time and money usually spent on repairs can be used for further improvements, so these developments grow increasingly efficient

Safer development

Zero damage or trip factors, Zero delays replacing unsafe infrastructure, Zero disturbance to public or underground services, Zero heavy labour

Socially sustainable development

able to quickly transform to meet changing needs for events, maintenance upgrades and disaster recovery

Socially sustainable development

Zero carbon waste or on-going consumption of concrete and paving supplies: Items such as posts, grabrails and bollards become reusable and recyclable

Financially sustainable development

The only ongoing cost is labour. Zero risk of cost overruns

A small investment for a lifetime of savings

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Sustainable Roadside infrastructure, bollards and foundations

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