Time for action

The focus of road authorities has been on mitigating the effects of climate change rather than reducing waste and the cause of climate change.

Inaction at this stage will be extremely detrimental – as evidenced by the recent fires. We need to immediately take action by reducing waste and reducing consumption of carbon intensive concrete

European Parliament is looking to deliver a strong legislative framework for a low-carbon circular economy , highlighting the need for planned and new initiatives to prioritize waste prevention – both in product and waste policy- and called on the EU Commission to propose binding waste reduction targets as well as targets to cap the generation of residual waste.

“We caution decision-makers to ensure funding is redirected towards climate & waste positive activities that maximize material recovery, prevention and reuse. By incentivizing solutions that design out waste, we can also design out carbon emissions from these systems, taking us one step closer to meeting climate objectives.” – Janek Vahk, Zero Waste Europe

Published by Smart Urban

Sustainable Roadside infrastructure, bollards and foundations

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