The global infrastructure crisis

For centuries we ahve installed vulerable road-side and urban infrastructure in concrete foundations, making them immovable and unyielding, creating a constant cycle of costly repairs and waste.

We are facing a global infrastructure crisis, and inaction now will cost future generations dearly

As maintenance on our citie’s ageing road infrastructure is outstripping funding

Put simply, our cities are degrading rapidly and using current linear methods are costing more year after year. Inaction now will cost future generations dearly.

For centuries, our cities have been built upon concrete foundations. We install vital road-side and urban infrastructure (vulnerable to impact from vehicles, environmental decay and highly unlikely to last the life of a development without requiring replacement) in these concrete foundations, making them immovable and unyielding, creating a constant cycle of damage, costly repairs and waste.

Australian road authorities currently replace more than 200,000 roadside items a year, creating hundreds of thousands of hours of disturbance and thousands of tonnes of waste and as the world’s population is projected to more than double over the next 25 years, the problem will only intensify. Inaction now will cost future generations dearly.

Installing and maintaining roadside infrastructure using the current linear methods is a surprisingly complex job wrought with dangers and the risk of cost overruns.

Using current methods these problems continue to grow

  • Increasing urbanisation
  • Increasing damage and workload
  • Increasing disturbance to the public
  • Increasing risk of injury from digging & heavy labour
  • Increasing risk of injury working in traffic
  • increasing risk of damage to underground services
  • Increasing safety requirements
  • Increasing traffic management costs
  • Increasing carbon waste
  • Increasing cost of landfill
  • Increasing consumption of carbon resources
  • Increasing disaster recovery
  • Increasing liability
  • Increasing penalties for delays
  • Increasing cost of steel/ concrete/ pavers

This problem is not limited to Australia, there is a world-wide concern for improving the sustainability of our urban developments.

Simply genius …. Awarded Innovator of the Year “these solutions are so simple” THE SUNDAY TIMES

This may be one of the greatest developments of our time…

Smart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year for developing a range of simple low-cost solutions to this complex problem. Simply by making foundations sustainable, creates a circular economy where resources are re-used.

New technology, developed by Australian Company Smart Urban provides an amazingly simple solution to this growing world-wide concern. These visionary solutions are unlike anything the world has seen before, laying the foundations for a better future. Using this simple technology, you can now build resilient developments that remain in pristine condition year after year

Instead of throwing more and more money at the problem we can now need to implement sustainable solutions. Using recycled petroleum waste, we can now eliminate capital and resource intensive maintenance practices for the entire lifespan of a development

We can build resilient, more dynamic environments that never grow old, and using this simple technology we can also transform existing developments from static urban environments (locked into a never ending cycle of damage, decay and consumption), into dynamic urban environments that remain in pristine condition year after year. Using this simple technology our cities will become cleaner, safer and more efficient, outlasting traditional cities.

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