There is an urgent need for the construction industry to break free from the constraints of traditional thinking that created the current infrastructure crisis. Smart Urban has developed the world’s first truly sustainable solution to this complex problem, enabling the development of Smarter, more sustainable cities than ever thought possible! We hope to inspire a new generation of engineers to lay the foundations for a better future.


These visionary solutions are unlike anything the world has seen before. We have combined the latest plastics technology with age-old engineering principles to develop a revolutionary range of products that provide some of the greatest advancements seen in the road infrastructure industry in decades. This simple range of products provides the foundation for the development of more dynamic, self-healing cities that never grow old.

view-videTo enable this transformation we need to radically change the way we think. We need to stop thinking of cities as static environments that are subject to constant degredation and start thinking of them as more fluid environments, able to  easily transform to meet changing needs, never growing old and tired. A more flexible urban environment to replace the current static one, optimising sustainability, productivity and profitability across the entire lifecycle of a development.

“With the world’s population expected to increase by 2.4 billion people over the next three decades, there will be significant demands on our infrastructure, both at home and around the world. There is a world-wide concern for improving the sustainability of urban developments. World-class products are required to meet this challenge.” (Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council of Canada).

Now more than ever, it is critical to protect and preserve our road infrastructure and minimise risk. Over the past few years our customers’ budgets have come under tremendous pressure while environmental expectations have increased. This coupled with increasing populations and safety concerns has created a world-wide infrastructure crisis that current methods only exacerbate.



Smart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year by the Department of Commerce for what is considered the most significant advancement in pavement technology for over a hundred years. Smart Urban has developed the world’s first truly sustainable solution to this complex problem, enabling the development of Smarter, more sustainable cities than ever thought possible!

We pit creativity coupled with advanced engineering principles to meet this challenge in radically different and radically better ways, delivering innovative and visionary solutions for ambitious leaders who want to build developments that outperform and outlast traditional developments. Our design and development team has developed a range of extremely innovative solutions that are deceptively simple, providing on-going benefits across the entire project life cycle, optimising profitability, productivity of the workforce and sustainability of developments.

Our commitment

We are proud to be part of the revolution in building a more sustainable future and to demonstrate our commitment, we embed sustainability into all of our business activities. Our products are made locally from recycled  petroleum waste, and to further demonstrate our commitment to achieving this goal we have invested a great deal of money into establishing the most economical manufacturing process. This has enabled us to manufacture locally and retail our products at incredibly low retail prices. As further evidence of our commitment, despite industry prices increasing more than 200% over the past decade, we have not had a price increase in this time.

WA’s major projects are laying the foundations for a better future, including the new Gateway WA , Perth Airport and Freight Access Project (WA’s largest ever, $1 billion road development); Perth City link; Hillary’s Marina and the Southern Gateway Alliance project (WA’s second largest road development, recognised for its innovation in sustainability) .  We supply many of Australia’s leading state and local government authorities, road and mining construction companies and developers, including Rio Tinto , Leighton, Downer, Doric, BGC, Fulton Hogan, Thiess, City of Ryde, Parramatta, City of Perth, City of Fremantle and Main Roads Department and many other organistations working to build abetter future  click here for details



Phone: 08 9248 5545

Unit 6,
83 Kent Way,
(Cnr Westchester)
WA 6090

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