“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

Albert Einstein

The world is facing a global infrastructure crisis,” marked by deteriorating roads and civil infrastructure as funding fails to keep pace with the growing demand for maintenance. All this work is creating thousands of tonnes of carbon intensive landfill every year, becoming increasingly difficult to perform, and more costly year after year, yet providing no future benefit so every year the problem intensifies.

Instead of throwing more and more money at the problem we need to implement sustainable solutions. Smart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year for developing the world’s first sustainable foundations, providing a simple low cost solution to this problem.

We are a small Australian Company with a BIG dream of healing the world one foundation at a time. We are proud to be part of the revolution to build a
cleaner, safer more sustainable future

We hope to inspire a new generation of engineers to lay the foundations for a better future, creating dynamic, self-healing cities that endure for generations to enjoy. Instead of static environments that are subject to constant degradation these visionary solutions enable the development of Smart cities that remain in pristine condition year after year, optimising sustainability, productivity and profitability across the entire life cycle of a development.

“So simple, it’s almost embarrassing nobody thought of it before.”

The Sunday Times.


Phone: 08 9248 5545
E-mail: smarturban@icloud.com

Unit 6,
83 Kent Way,
(Cnr Westchester)
WA 6090

Click on map to zoom in.


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