The idea that valuable carbon resources are disposable is so ingrained in our culture that few people question it. One company dared to be different, developing a range of products that put an end to consumption and waste, laying the foundations for a better future. 


future infrastructure



Smart Urban have spent two decades working with the industry to determine the industries greatest problems and provide low cost and sustainable solutions that will benefit customers today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Their journey started with an inquiry from Main Roads for a more sustainable means of securing road-side infrastructure, reducing time on location and the risk of workplace injury. Twenty years ago they were shown a yard filled with damaged signposts, grab-rails embedded in concrete foundations and destined for landfill (every year as our population grows, so does the damage and the waste).

They were then approached by the City of Perth for a solution to the growing damage to bollards in the city centres. Rio Tinto then requested re-usable and sustainable concrete foundations that could be relocated, leaving behind no waste when a mine-site is closed, making the mine-site infrastructure removable and re-usable. Queensland Main Roads requested a sustainable Foundation for traffic light columns. Smart Urban delivered above and beyond the client’s expectations on every project working closely with industry, listening to their problems and providing  low cost, sustainable solutions.


“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

Albert Einstein


innovatorSmart Urban was  awarded Innovator of the Year for developing the world’s first sustainable solution to this growing world-wide concern. Smart Sustainable Foundations are Approved Nationally and accredited by Department of Occupational Health and Safety





Zero Civil have been appointed the official Agent for Smart Urban technology

Established in response to global demand for sustainable technology in the road construction industry, Zero civil works to inspire a new generation of engineers to build a future without damage, waste or disturbance for maintenance and are seeking like-minded partners to help spread the word and heal our cities one foundation at a time, laying the foundations for a better future.

We have a passion for building a better future


Phone: 08 9248 5545
Use contact form below to submit queries:

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