These visionary solutions are unlike anything the world has seen before. This internationally patented technology has been thoroughly market tested for over a decade, with hundreds of thousands of units installed internationally. Not one foundation has ever failed – enabling us to now provide a Lifetime Warranty on our in-ground foundations.

We work very hard to provide these products at the lowest possible price to end users, as the wider the application of sustainable foundations, the greater the benefits to the end user and the environment.

We are seeking like-minded organisations to distribute our products globally.

  • Traffic Supplies: Use our sustainable foundations to turn your ever-day infrastructure into Smart sustainable infrastructure. Suitable for sign-posts, barriers and bollards. *Coming soon traffic light foundations.
  • Bollard Manufacturers and suppliers: Use our sustainable foundations as add-ons to your existing product range, substantially improving the range of options available to your customer base.
  • Installers : Save time and money installing infrastructure on your next development and provide your client with substantial benefits by reducing downstream maintenance considerably.
  • Maintenance Contractors: Substantially reduce maintenance costs by installing sustainable foundations. Save around $1000.00 for every $1 invested, over the lifespan of a development. More info

If you want to be part of the revolution, please contact us or use the form below to apply for distribution rights.

Win-Win situation

We provide the opportunity for you to make a massive 100% profit, laying the foundations for a better future for both your customers and your business. In addition to 100% Profit you can benefit in other ways:

  • Suppliers to industry:
    Smart Sustainable Foundations can be used as add-on products to civil supplies, turning every day posts and bollards into Smart posts and bollards
  • Installers:
    You will save a great deal of time & money
    on installing infrastructure (save day 1 and keep saving for decades) produce a superior finish and provide client with major financial, social and environmental advantages over other contractors. Substantially improving the sustainability and lifespan of your project
  • Maintenance contractors:
    Substantially reduce the cost of maintenance
    and keep saving for decades. Substantially improve the profitability and effectiveness of your services, reducing risk of cost overruns and providing incentive to increase the term of your contract.


These visionary solutions are unlike anything the world has seen before. We have utilised petroeum waste to develop the world’s first truly sustainable foundations. Smart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year by the Department of Commerce for what is considered the most significant advancement in pavement technology for over a hundred years, providing a simple solution to a growing world-wide problem.


Now more than ever, it is critical to protect and preserve our road infrastructure and minimise risk. Over the past few years our customers’ budgets have come under tremendous pressure while environmental expectations have increased. This coupled with increasing populations and safety concerns has created a world-wide infrastructure crisis that current methods only exacerbate.


Our commitment

We are proud to be part of the revolution in building a more sustainable future and to demonstrate our commitment, we embed sustainability into all of our business activities. Our products are made locally from recycled  petroleum waste, and to further demonstrate our commitment to achieving this goal we have invested a great deal of money into establishing the most economical manufacturing process. This has enabled us to manufacture locally and provide our products to you at incredibly low prices.

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