Types of bollard

When a bollard is impacted, “something’s got to give”  so the outcome is that both the bollard and expensive concrete footings need replacing, costing you thousands over the life of a development  We developed a simple solution STEEL BOLLARDS    STAINLESS BOLLARDS   In-ground, surface mount, removable, impact recovery and MRWA options In-ground, surface mount, Smart impact recovery and solar lit options.   Continue reading “Types of bollard”

Building more resilient roads

Roads and pavements are designed to last up to 100 years, but they don’t, because around 200,000 roadside items are damaged every year, essentially condemning every foundation to landfill and substantially reducing the potential lifespan of our developments. It’s not rocket science – by eradicating damage, you reduce the on-going cost of repeated repairs andContinue reading “Building more resilient roads”