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from simple in-ground or surface mounted galvanised steel bollards to MRWA Traffic bollards, Designer bollards , Low Impact Safety Bollards, Bike Path Bollards, and Smart Impact Recovery Bollards (unlike anything you’ve seen before!) that keep working impact after impact, year after year.

Click below to view large range of options including sustainable foundations, removable bollards (that are durable and resistant to impact) smart safety bollards, bike path bollards, industrial bollards, safety-stop bollards, bollard covers and much more.

Find out why our bollards are the bollards of choice for all major cities in WA.

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Protect bollards and surrounding foundations from damage

Substantially improve the resilience and effectiveness of bollards, making them impact resistant and protecting the surrounding foundations from damage for the entire lifespan of a development.

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Smart bollards out-perform and outlast traditional bollards. We have developed simple, low cost and re-usable technology that enables you to make your bollards impact resistant, putting an end to costly damage and disturbance for the entire lifespan of a development

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