WA’s largest range of bollards & sustainable technology to reduce maintenance costs  (some  of our specialty range is listed below)

You can take every-day Steel, Stainless steel and Poly bollards and make them impact resistant by securing them on In-ground or Surface Mount Smart Sustainable Foundations using the Smart Re-usable Impact Recovery System (we have a large range of options to suit different applications)





Bollards are secured on Smart Sustainable Foundations using an internal securing post with a self-locking Taper (no padlocks or pins required) that is simply dropped into the ground socket, automatically locking in and remaining secure. If bollard is badly impacted the foundations and bollard are protected from damage and the internal post is simply removed using the tools provided.




Smart Surface mount Bollards are secured using a re-usable heavy duty base plate with 6 holes to evenly distribute the impact force.

If bollard is badly impacted the base plate and bollard are protected from damage and the internal post will bend and is simply removed from the base using an Allen key, and replaced.

Bollards can be made to absorb low speed impact and self recover. If badly impacted, bollards are removable from the base plate and re-usable impact after impact.





If you want the bollard to absorb impact from a vehicle and self-recover Two Impact Recovery Rings (Shock absorbers) are used to make the bollard deflect up to twenty degrees (will not deflect by hand) and slowly self-recover impact after impact.

Unlike metal springs they will not become weak over time so your bollards will remain safe and secure. Safety stop version available to stop vehicles in their tracks





Designed for bike paths to reduce risk of injury to bike riders, these polyethylene safety yellow bollards are secured on the in-ground Impact Recovery System using two Super-flexible Impact Recovery Rings that enable the bollard to deflect upon low impact (such as bike rider) and slowly self-recover. Highly visible 1200 High with reflective striping they prevent vehicle access and are easy for bike riders to see from a distance.