Smart Shock Absorbing Bollards

Traditionally, bollards were made flexible using spring loaded mechanisms which provide almost no resistance to a vehicle so could be deflected by hand, springing back with force and wore out over time making the bollard “floppy”. More recently we have seen the invent of impact absorbing bollards that crushes on impact, reducing the risk of injury to drivers by absorbing the impact force of a vehicle, but are extremely expensive to maintain.

We get knocked down, but we get up again. You’re never going to keep us down!

The impact recovery bollard uses shock absorbing technology to provide the strength of embedded bollards, with the low installation costs and flexibility of either in-ground or surface mounted installation.

High Visibility Shock Absorbing Bollards

Impact Recovery

A shock absorbing system is used to secure the bollard on Smart Sustainable Foundations making it impact resistant and re-usable impact after impact

High Visibility Shock Absorbing Bollards

Safety Low Impact

A more flexible version for bike paths. High visibility bollards provide a low impact surface, prevent vehicle access and reduce risk of injury

High Visibility Shock Absorbing Bollards - safer and more sustainable than any other
High Impact Shock Absorbing Bollards

Smart Safe-stop Bollard

A heavy duty stainless steel pipe bollard with solid steel core that is both shock absorbing and sustainable

Steel impact absorbing bollard

Steel Bollards

Steel High Visibility Safety Yellow Bollards 1200 High with reflective striping available in-ground, surface mount or Impact Recovery.

Stainless impact absorbing bollard

Stainless steel Bollards

You can choose small diameter High quality Australian made 60 – 168 mm solid pipe bollards in-ground or surface mount and with lighting options

Plastic impact absorbing bollard

Durable Poly Bollards

Highly durable poly (plastic compound) bollards look great , are lightweight for maintenance and come in a range of colours

Designer Laser cut bollards

Laser cut Bollards

A shock absorbing system is used to secure the bollard on Smart Sustainable Foundations making it impact resistant and re-usable impact after impact

Stainless steel removable bollards

Removable Bollards

beautiful Stainless steel perimeter bollards are secured on automatic locking, self healing foundations. Strong and sustainable

Highly durable Poly Bollard covers

Poly Bollard covers

Highly durable poly bollard covers – cheap way to upgrade your bollards if the footings are still in good condition. They come in a range of colours including stone look grey & brown

Let’s build something together

We are happy to help advise you on supply and installation and suggest the best bollards and associated products for your particular project. We can individually design and manufacture bollards for your particular project – uniquely yours

Bollards, by their very nature, are prone to impact, but when impacted, something’s got to give, so unless you use some form of shock absorbing mechanism –  you will need to replace the bollard and base plate, or concrete footings impact after impact, which can cost thousands over the lifespan of a development

 We have a simple solution

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