Steel or stainless steel posts available secured on surface mount or in-ground foundations
Sustainable foundations (lifetime warranty) available from $21.00 per unit, (No on-going costs). Approved by Australian Road authorities.





Unit includes

  • 1 Galvanised steel post
  • Provided to length desired
  • Capped


  • Can be powder coated (any colour safety yellow standard colour)
  • Can have eye bolts to secure banners, nets etc.

Securing options:

  • Surface mount
  • In-ground sustainable
  • In-ground Spring Return

Our sustainable securing devices can be purchased separately to secure your own posts.

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traffic_signsMRWA traffic signage

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spring_returnSpring Return Posts

  • Secured on Smart sustainable foundations
  • Spring Return Base (post deflects 180 degrees and self-recover)
  • Can buy posts or buy Spring Return base to secure your own posts
  • We will meet or beat any price on Spring Return Posts (limited stock)

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Stainless steel Posts also availablefoot_tool_removing_post

  • 60 OD Stainless steel pipe (heavy duty)
  • Can have eye bolts to secure banners, nets etc.
  • Surface mount or in-ground
  • Can be made removable using tools

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Contact us on 08 9248 5545 or use form below to request a quote






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