“ Our selection is not based on price alone”

Our selection is not based on price alone, we also took into consideration the safety & saving aspects. The Smart Taper-lock allows quick replacement of posts with no further effort required to the base, (providing a significant cost benefit in replacing the damaged sign post by re-using the existing footing ) and reduces risk of injury to employees by reducing time spent on traffic islands exposed to traffic.”




Downer Mouchel/ MRWA

MRWA / Downer Mouchel Perth Metro has used our Smart sustainable foundations and Smart bollards on the new Gateway WA , Perth Airport and Freight Access Project (WA’s largest ever, $1 billion road development creating an iconic gateway to WA)


Southern Gateway Project(Link)

gaeway_southernSupply of sustainable infrastructure to reduce downstream maintenance and improve sustainability of the Southern Gateway. Sign-posts, bollards and barriers were installed using the Smart Sustainable foundations and continue working efficiently today. Recent upgrades included the introduction of spring return posts to reduce damage to Keep left signs that were being impacted on a weekly basis and have not required replacing since.

MRWA Signage

mrwa“We embed sustainability into everything we do” MRWA

MRWA have used Smart Sustainable foundations on traffic signage, with the aim of improving safety and improving effectiveness of their maintenance services.

MRWA aim to reduce costs and risks by around 90% over the next 5 years; Reducing the risk of injury to their staff; Reducing disturbance to public and disturbance to underground services; Reducing the on-going consumption of carbon intensive supplies to zero (with the aim of reaching their 2020 target of zero waste ) saving taxpayers millions every year.

MRWA Traffic Bollards

mrwa_traffic_bollardsMain Roads Smart Traffic bollards are secured on Smart sustainable foundations and unlike most removable bollards, if badly impacted are replaced in seconds. These bollards were installed over a decade ago and remain in good condition today. Easily removed for wide loads and maintenance, they are extremely low cost to maintain.

As shown left- no damage to foundations when badly impacted. Bollard is simply removed in seconds using tools provided adn a new one dropped into place, autmatically locking in tight.

MRWA Bike Path Bollards

MRWA_bike_path_bollardsMain Roads had a problem with solid steel (often concrete filled) bike path bollards that were causing injury to bike riders when impacted – so we provided a safe and sustainable solution. Smart Low Impact Bike Path bollards reduce risk of injury as they are made from soft durable polyethylene compound and deflect upon low impact (and self-recover), are removable and relocatable.

Rio Tinto Infrastructure projects

Minesite infrastructureAt the forefront of change are some of Australia’s leading mining companies, seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, Rio Tinto, Hamersley Iron and Pilbara Iron mining companies have installed thousands of Smart re-usable foundations that are protected from damage by the Smart self-healing ground socket and can be removed and relocated when the site closes, leaving behind no waste or landfill.



Bollards protecting drive-through take-away premises are highly vulnerable to damage and cost the managers a great deal to maintain.

Smart KFC operators around Perth Metro and Mandurah region have installed Smart sustainable foundations to drastically reduce the on-going cost of maintenance and protect the expensive footings from damage when impacted by vehicles.

Wanneroo City Council


City of Wanneroo have started using the Smart foundations and Impact Recovery System to secure their bollards. These bollards look like solid in-ground bollards but are easily removable for allowing access to the parks and easily replaceable for maintenance. If impacted at low speed the bollard self-recovers. If impacted at high speed the bollard prevents access to the park and is removable and re-usable time & time again.

Transfield Maintenance

hillarysTransfield maintenance are reposnible for maintaining the grounds at WA’s leading award winning tourist destination Hillary’s Marina. Transfield has applied Smart technology throught the marina to redcue maintene costs adn improve efficiency of their infrastructure. The Marina is extremely well maintained with all infrastructure secured using Smart foundations

City of Perth


City of Perth approached Smart Urban for a simple solution to the growing cost of maintaining bollards in the city centre. They had tried bollards on spring bases but they became weak over time and posed a serious litigation risk (especially outside the pubs!)

We developed the Smart Impact Recovery System and now, although they look like solid in-ground bollards) the majority of the bollards in the city are Smart Impact Recovery Bollards.

City of Fremantle

freoCity of Fremantle were finding it incredibly difficult to maintain bollards in the busy High Street. Using Smart Bollards and signage they have substantially reduced the workload and can now replace damaged items in the busy streets without disturbing the public.

Maintaining the busy High Street is just so much easier thanks to Smart Urban” Devon Cunningham

Tomen Corporation- Japan

2007-11-01 05.01.16

Tomen Corporation (Toyota) has taken the Smart Taper to Japan and has established trials with the Nigarta Police Department with the aim of representing Smart Urban in Japan.

Trial completed succesfully.

German company Signalization BV


Established distributors in Germany, Holland, France and Belgium. German company Signalization BV now offer the new Smart-ground sleeve and thus promote sustainable development in the road equipment.

Smart street furniture Holland

seating“Clients love the Smart street furniture as it can be removed and relocated making better use of infrastructure and the streetscapes can be upgraded or re-configured regularly as their needs change” Distributors Holland

Cost-effective & sustainable problem solving

We have earnt a reputation for cost-effective problem solving. Clients now come to us with problems and we devise new and innovative solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable. The result is a revolutionary range of products that provide some of the greatest advancements seen in the road infrastructure industry in decades. We are proud to be part of the revolution in building a more sustainable future.

Clients include

Main Roads Dept WA

Leighton Contractors

Rio Tinto

Fulton Hogan

Downer EDI

Gateway WA


Doric Group

Transfield Services

Hamersley Iron

Pilbara Iron


Environmental Industries

Western Road Services

Southern Gateway Alliance

WA Road Projects

Hillarys Marina

Holst Design

Hickory Group

HAS Earthmoving

Burswood Resort

Competitive Foods Aust

Erections WA


De Gray Civil


Safety Barriers WA


De Neefe Industries


Red Rooster

Kentuky Fried

Crosby Tiles

Sydney City Council

Perth City Council

Subiaco City Council

Ryde City Council

Liverpool City Council

Gosford City Council

Tyraning Council

Gosnells City Council

Liverpool City Council

Pittwater Council

Orange Council

Swan Council

Strathfield Council

Randwick Council

RMS Suppliers to Local Govt

Cambridge City Council

Redcliffe Council

Canning City Council

Fremantle City Council

Stirling City Council

Road Safety Shop

South Perth City Council

Melville City Council

De Neefe Industries

Street Furniture Australia

Christmas Island Council

Woolondilly Council

Kogarah Council

Bunbury City Council

Canning City Council

Vic Park City Council

Orange Council NSW

VCP Streetcare

Brady Group

Safety Signs Service

Trueline Australia

Naked Fig cafe

Pickled Fig Cafe


Diamond Fencing

Urban Toolz

Umbrella World

Kalamunda Shire Council

Waverley City Council

MCore Services

Western Metal Fabrication


Signalization BV

Jesters Pies

Specialty Products Group

Ross Engineering

Alliance Contracting

Landscape Elements

Holst Design & Build


Perth Citylink

Tomen Corporation

Joondalup City Council

Stirling City Council


Pindan Constructions

Georgiou Group

Not including private clients, schools and sports facilities.


Smart developments cost substantially less to maintain, but as you can see, the difference is not only financial



Whilst traditional developments remain in a state of constant decline,  Smart developments grow increasingly efficient as the money usually spent on maintenance can be spent on further improvements.



Every year the gap between those that have embraced sustainable technology, and those that have not, is growing exponentially. Join Australia’s market leaders building a better future