$100 Gift Voucher


Simply fill out the form below to send your friend $100 Gift Voucher
When they redeem their voucher, you get $100

Conditions Apply – see below


  1. $100 credit is redeemable by new customers only’
  2. Credit is redeemable upon receipt of an order for 50 or more Smart Sustainable Foundations. When someone redeems their voucher the referring party is then provided with a $100 credit on their account that can be used to purchase any Smart Urban products.
  3. Vouchers are valid for 30 days from date of issue
  4. Referrer has 60 days from date of issue to redeem their credit
  5. Credit can be applied against any purchase of Smart Sustainable Foundations
  6. Should the client not redeem their credit within the stipulated time frame the credit will expire
  7. There is no limitation upon the amount of vouchers you can issue
  8. Limit of one voucher per customer

Print them off to hand out at your next conference or meeting or call our office to have hard copies provided to you. Simply hand out 100 vouchers that are redeemed in accordance with the conditions and you receive $10,0000.00 credit

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