Smart sustainable Foundations

the foundations for a truly circular economy

Concrete can last up to one hundred years and yet roadside infrastructure (vulnerable to environmental conditions, vandalism and impact from errant vehicles) has a relatively short life expectancy, creating a never-ending cycle of damage

The solution is so simple”

The Sunday Times

Smart Urban was awarded Department of Commerce Innovator of the Year for developing Smart Sustainable Foundations that preserve concrete footings, footpaths and pavements making valuable carbon resources re-usable impact after impact, for the entire lifespan of a development

Smart Sustainable Foundations

60 mm to secure roadside items and street furniture

Use to secure 60 OD posts, grab-rails, barriers, bollards and street furniture. Unit includes: Smart Self-healing ground socket, Smart Self-locking Taper, and cap. Tools required


Smart Impact Recovery Bollards

Includes Surface Mount option

Used to secure 150 – 168 mm diameter bollards on Smart Sustainable Foundations, two re-usable Smart Impact Recovery Rings make both the bollard and surrounding foundations re-usable impact after impact


Smart Sustainable Foundations

114 mm To secure bollards and large columns

Designed to secure 114 mm diameter traffic light and lighting columns and Sure-Stop bollards on Smart Sustainable Foundations. Items can be removed quickly and efficiently using a hiab. Contact us to register your interest


Laying the foundations for a better future

We hope you join us in our endeavour to heal our cities and help build a better future. If you have a passion for building a better future and reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, please contact us to discuss how you can help, or to discuss how we can help you

Note: Where possible, Smart Urban products are made from recycled waste, and are 100% recyclable

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