For many local councils, roads are their largest asset class, and road maintenance is their largest operational activity. Significantly, 84% of all roads (by length) are maintained by Australia’s 560 local councils. Their total value exceeds $300 billion. So, cumulatively, even small improvements in the sustainability of council road maintenance programs can result in enormous benefits.

Road-side infrastructure is highly vulnerable to impact. When items are damaged

  1. We dig up the item and the foundations
  2. Dispose of the item, concrete and paving foundations
  3. Buy new concrete and replace the concrete foundations
  4. Install a new item directly in the newly laid foundations
  5. Providing no future benefit.

More than 60,000 items are replaced in Australia each year

  1. Set up traffic management x 60,000 times each year
  2. We dig up the item and the foundations x 60,000 times
  3. Dispose of both the item and the carbon waste x 60,000 times
  4. Buy new concrete x 60,000 times
  5. Replace the concrete foundations x 60,000 times
  6. Install a new item directly in the newly laid foundations

Costing billions and the process repeats year after year becoming

  • increasingly dangerous (costing lives) and
  • increasingly costly (both environmentally and financially)
  • consuming increasing amounts of valuable carbon resources
  • creating increasing amounts of carbon waste


Using these methods, replacing just one signpost a week MRWA estimates is costing around a million dollars over the life of a development.

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