Sustainable Foundations

Smart self-healing foundations
that remain in pristine condition
for the entire lifespan of a development

Innovator of the Year

We were awarded “Innovator of the Year” for developing a simple means of improving the resilience of our roads and our cities – it remains the only sustainable solution available world-wide and is transforming our cities from static unyielding environments subject to constant decay, into dynamic cities that transform to meet our changing needs and requirements from day to day, decade to decade

“Smart” ground sockets are made from a new age “Smart” plastic that actually self-heals. By installing roadside and urban infrastructure using Smart Sustainable Foundations, roads and footpaths remain in pristine condition for the entire lifespan of a development – Zero damage impact after impact, year after year. Zero on-going carbon waste and zero on-going consumption of vital resources – Now that’s Smart!

improving safety & efficiency of roadworks

Worksafe Award DOH&S

They get even smarter- Items are automatically secured using a “Smart” self-locking mechanism (no pins or padlocks). All work is performed quickly and efficiently using ergonomic tools, from a standing position, eradicating the major risks to roadworkers, greatly improving workplace  safety. The only on-going cost for maintenance, is labour, greatly improving cost effectiveness.

Sustainable Foundations


60/76 mm
For securing items of road-side infrastructure, street furniture and any 60 or 76 OD post

FROM $24.00


150-168 mm
Secure bollards making both the bollard & foundations re-usable impact after impact

FROM $100.00

Traffic columns

200 mm
Large Safe-Stop and Sure-Stop Shock Absorbing foundations for securing large columns

FROM $350.00

the foundations for a truly circular economy
where resources are re-used

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We have a simple solution for improving the resilience of our roads and our cities, creating a truly circular economy where carbon and financial resources are re-used, putting an end to waste and the on-going consumption of these vital resources, greatly benefitting our generation and generations to come. Our goal is to heal cities around the world, creating a better future, but we cannot do it alone – we need your help

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