Sustainable Foundations

Sustainable foundations last the entire lifespan of a development
zero waste, zero harm

Smart Sustainable Foundations

Instead of taking weeks, the infrastructure for an entire development can be installed in a single day. Foundations are re-usable- saving thousands over the lifetime of a development and all work is performed quickly and efficiently from a standing position, using ergonomic  tools, substantially improving workplace safety and efficiency , reducing the costs and risks associated with events, maintenance and future upgrades

Main Roads Approved available in C.H.S profile only

Smart Impact Recovery System

A bollard replaced once every 2 years will cost a minimum of $25 thousand over the life of a development ($250 for the bollard + $250 for the replacement x 50) consuming tonnes of carbon resources, yet surprisingly – We have a solution that makes both bollards and the expensive foundations (in-ground or surface mount) re-usable impact after impact, saving thousands over the lifetime of a development

Main Roads Calpro FRP Posts

Smart Fibre reinforced posts

Low Cost and Sustainable posts made to withstand low impact and self recover, they will not rust, corrode or scratch, or chip, remaining in good condition and substantially reducing maintenance. No powder coating required. Can be secured using Smart Sustainable Foundations.

Main Roads Approved available in CHS and RHS profiles

Worksafe Award DOH&S

All work is performed quickly and efficiently using ergonomic tools, from a standing position, eradicating the major risks to road-workers, by eradicating the need for digging and heavy labour, substantially reducing time on location, and greatly improving workplace  safety.

Sustainable Foundations

Sustainable Foundations

60 mm
For securing items of road-side infrastructure, street furniture and any 60 O.D. post

FROM $30.00

Impact Recovery System

150-168 mm
Secure bollards making both the bollard & foundations re-usable impact after impact

FROM $100.00

Traffic columns

200 mm
Large Safe-Stop Shock Absorbing foundations for securing large columns and bollards

FROM $350.00

the foundations for a truly circular economy
where resources are re-used

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Our goal is to heal cities around the world, creating a more dynamic and sustainable future without waste, but we cannot do it alone – we can provide the tools but it is up to you to build a better future. You can gift a friend or colleague $100 credit on their first order of Sustainable Foundations and for every successful referral you receive $100 voucher

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