Sustainable Foundations

Smart self-healing foundations
that remain in pristine condition
for the entire lifespan of a development

Innovator of the Year

We were awarded “Innovator of the Year” for developing a simple means of improving the resilience of our roads and our cities – transforming our cities from static unyielding environments subject to constant decay, into dynamic cities that transform to meet our changing needs and requirements

Made from a new age “Smart” plastic that actually self-heals, roads and footpaths remain in pristine condition for the entire lifespan of a development – Zero damage when roadside items are impacted, year after year. Zero on-going carbon waste and zero on-going consumption of vital carbon resources, saving thousands over the lifetime of a development

Substantially improve safety & efficiency of roadworks

Worksafe Award DOH&S

All work is performed quickly and efficiently using ergonomic tools, from a standing position, eradicating the major risks to road-workers, by eradicating the need for digging and heavy labour, substantially reducing time on location, and greatly improving workplace  safety.

Sustainable Foundations


60/76 mm
For securing items of road-side infrastructure, street furniture and any 60 or 76 OD post

FROM $30.00


150-168 mm
Secure bollards making both the bollard & foundations re-usable impact after impact

FROM $100.00

Traffic columns

200 mm
Large Safe-Stop and Sure-Stop Shock Absorbing foundations for securing large columns

FROM $350.00

the foundations for a truly circular economy
where resources are re-used

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We have a simple solution for improving the resilience of our roads and our cities, creating a truly circular economy where carbon and financial resources are re-used, putting an end to waste and the on-going consumption of these vital resources, greatly benefitting our generation and generations to come. Our goal is to heal cities around the world, creating a better future, but we cannot do it alone – we need your help

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