The Sunday Times

Innovator of the Year Smart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year by the Department of Commerce for the development of the Smart Sustainable Foundations Worksafe Award by Dept Occupational Health and Safety for succesfully addressing the major cause of workplace injury These ideas are just so simple…it’s almost embarrassing nobody thought of them before

Main Roads WA

Our selection is not based on price alone We also considered the safety & saving aspects of the products. The Smart Sustainable Foundations allow the quick replacement of posts, with no further effort required to the base. The sustainable foundations provide a significant cost benefit by re-using the existing footing and reduces risk to ourContinue reading “Main Roads WA”

City of Fremantle

We highly recommend Smart Urban bollards We were finding it very difficult to keep up with the constant damage to bollards, especially in the busy city centre where they are being hit on a daily basis. The Smart Urban bollards have made the job just so much easier. We also use them to protect newContinue reading “City of Fremantle”

DOH&S Worksafe Award

Winner  Department of Occupational Health & Safety Worksafe Award for successfully addressing The major cause of workplace injury (body stressing), by removing the need for digging & heavy labour The major cause of serious workplace injury – by substantially reducing time working in dangerous locations The risk of hitting underground services

Transfield Services

Smart technology is especially suitable for coastal locations where rust and corrosion is a major problem. We use the Smart Taper to secure signage, grab-rails, bollards, bins and fencing at Hillary’s Marina and Fremantle Boat Harbour. The Smart Taper saves us so much time and money, we now use it everywhere as it is theContinue reading “Transfield Services”

City of Perth

Engineers from City of Perth asked Smart Urban to provide a low cost and  sustainable solution to an on-going problem. We had a terrible problem with on-going damage to our bollards and had tried everything!  We highly recommend the Impact Recovery System, these are the only bollards that we have found, that keep working yearContinue reading “City of Perth”

Leighton Contractors

When building the new Southern Gateway Leighton selected Smart technology to improve the long term sustainability of the highway The Smart ground sockets were very easy to install and provide a clean professional finish that we are assured will stay that way. The Smart  bollards make our job so much easier and enable us toContinue reading “Leighton Contractors”

Gosnells City council

We broke even in the first twelve months, from then on we have reaped the true cost benefits. Another benefit to us is that it has removed the worry of injuries resulting from back-breaking work and the worry of damaging underground services when digging new holes all the time.  It’s been great! Once in, theyContinue reading “Gosnells City council”

City of Joondalup

City of Joondalup is WA’s fastest growing municipality. The Operations Manager has been using the Smart Taper-lock for more thana decade. We have several thousand units throught the city and ahve never had to replace one in this time!  Once in you can forget about them! It makes our job just so much easier. WeContinue reading “City of Joondalup”