Secure road-side infrastructure, street furniture & bollards using Smart sustainable foundations, substantially reducing the cost of installation & maintenance. Items remain safe adn secure impact after impact. No on-going damage. No on-going costs for the life of a development.


Sustainable foundations that keep working year after year

Smart self-healing ground socket
protects foundations from damage impact after impact, year after year. Posts, grab-rails, bollards, barriers & street furniture are secured using a Smart self-locking Taper, remaining safe and secure year after year, and can only be removed using tools provided.

Lifetime Warranty on foundations

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Bollard foundations that keep working year after year

Bollards are secured on Smart sustainable foundations using the Smart Impact Recovery System that uses two Impact Recovery Rings to make bollards impact resistant, removable and re-usable impact after impact, year after year.

Rings are re-usable, withstanding hundreds and hundreds of impacts.

Lifetime Warranty on foundations.

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