We inspire a new generation of engineers to build a better future.

“With the world’s population expected to increase by 2.4 billion people over the next three decades, there will be significant demands on our infrastructure, both at home and around the world. There is a world-wide concern for improving the sustainability of urban developments. World-class products are required to meet this challenge.” (Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council of Canada).

We pit creativity coupled with advanced engineering principles to meet this challenge in radically different and radically better ways, delivering innovative solutions for ambitious leaders who want to build smarter  developments that outperform and outlast traditional developments.

Concrete and metal have been the foundation for the road construction market for hundreds of years. As infrastructure is vulnerable to impact and neither of these materials are impact resistant, we started to investigate more sustainable means of securing infrastructure. Thinking outside the box we worked with plastics experts to develop a suitable material using the latest plastics technology. The result is a self-healing impact resistant plastics formula that is well suited to this application.

Over the past two decades we have worked closely with industry to develop a sustainable means of utilising this technology that was both low cost and sustainable. The City of Perth had a problem with bollard maintenance so we developed a second plastics compound and extremely simple means of solving this problem, hat is now widely applied throughout our city!

Mining leader Rio Tinto then took it a step further and we used re-locatable foundations to alleviate the problem of site clean-up and enable the re-use of the concrete foundations. Main Roads had a problem with bike path bollards that were too rigid causing injury to bike riders when impacted – so we provided a safe and sustainable solution. We are now working with road authorities to provide a low cost means of securing traffic light columns and an impact resistant bollard that stops vehicles safely and preserves the foundations.

We have earnt a reputation for cost-effective problem solving. Clients now come to us with problems and we devise new and innovative solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable. The result is a revolutionary range of products that provide some of the greatest advancements seen in the road infrastructure industry in decades. We are proud to be part of the revolution in building a more sustainable future.


Innovator of the Year

“these ideas are so simple, it’s almost embarrassing nobody thought of them before

 The Sunday Times

innovator_awardSmart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year by the Department of Commerce for developing the world’s first truly sustainable solution to this complex problem.

Smart self-healing foundations use recycled pertroleum waste to put an end the ever increasing damage and on-going consumption of carbon intensive materials, enabling the development of Smarter, more sustainable cities than ever thought possible!


Our vision: A world without waste

Our Vision is of a future where developers throughout the world are using Smart technology to build cleaner, safer, more dynamic and sustainable developments that result in zero waste or landfill from maintenance and require no on-going consumption of carbon intensive materials.

  • Zero damage, Zero disturbance.
  • Zero on-going landfill and Zero on-going consumption of concrete.
  • Zero on-going costs for maintenance,

Funds now spent on maintaining infrastructure can be redirected into further improvements, building a better future.

Saving the world from millions of tonnes of carbon intensive waste and the consumption of millions of tonnes of carbon intensive materials every year, having an enormous impact upon the future of our planet.

Don’t underestimate your contribution to building a more sustainable future.