Smart developments remain in pristine condition impact after impact, year after year



You can build cleaner, safer, more environmentally and financially sustainable developments

civil_suppliesIntroducing the world’s first Sustainable Foundations

Smart Sustainable Foundations actually self-heal, remaining in pristine condition. Used to secure road-side and civil infrastructure, this simple technology eliminates capital and resources intensive maintenance practices, substantially improving the environmental and financial sustainability of urban developments.


awardsSmart Urban was awarded Innovator of the year for developing the world’s first Low cost Sustainable Foundations and DOH&S Award for succesfully addressing the major cause of workplace injury and  the major cause of serious workplace injury for road-workers.

You can heal your developments one foundation at a time. Sustainable foundations can be installed on new works (and the infrastructure for an entire development can be installed in a single day) or can be retro-fitted and you can heal your developments one foundation at a time. Instead of paying hundreds for every replacement (thousands for traffic light columns) the only cost for the next 50 – 100 years is labour, saving road authorities and local government authorities billions over the lifespan of a development.

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Innovator of the Year

Smart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year by the Department of Commerce for the development of the Smart Sustainable Foundations

Worksafe Award by Dept Occupational Health and Safety for succesfully addressing the major cause of workplace injury

These ideas are just so simple…it’s almost embarrassing nobody thought of them before

Our selection is not based on price alone, we also considered the safety & saving aspects of the products.

The Smart Sustainable Foundations allow the quick replacement of posts, with no further effort required to the base. The sustainable foundations provide a significant cost benefit by re-using the existing footing and reduces risk to our employees by reducing time spent on islands exposed to traffic.

Refer MRWA Spec 601

We highly recommend Smart Urban bollards

We were finding it very difficult to keep up with the constant damage to bollards, especially in the busy city centre where they are being hit on a daily basis. The Smart Urban bollards have made the job just so much easier. We also use them to protect new trees and we relocate the bollards when they are no longer required.

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Winner  Department of Occupational Health & Safety Worksafe Award for successfully addressing

The major cause of workplace injury (body stressing), by removing the need for digging & heavy labour

The major cause of serious workplace injury – by substantially reducing time working in dangerous locations

The risk of hitting underground services