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Continuing to lead the industry in the supply of superior sustainable infrastructure technology

Smart Urban supplies Australia’s leading state and local government authorities, road and mining construction companies and developers, including Rio Tinto , Leighton, Downer, Doric, BGC, Fulton Hogan, Thiess, City of Perth, City of Fremantle and Main Roads Department and many more, click here for details

Sustainable foundations are approved for use by Australian Road Authorities


The infrastructure for an entire development can be installed in a single day and maintenance on infrastructure is performed safely and efficiently in a fraction of the time with no risk of cost overruns. The only on-going cost is labour, for the life of a development!  (Imagine the savings over 50 – 100 years)         … Read More

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Smart developments remain in good working condition with no unstable or unsafe infrastructure. Keeping the roads safe is made easier as maintenance can be performed at any time (even during busy events) with no disturbance to the public.      Smart foundations Smart BollardsView video It is imperative that vital infrastructure be replaced quickly to… Read More

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Using the world’s first truly sustainable foundations you can now  achieve Zero Waste! and reduce the on-going consumption of carbon intensive concrete for maintenance to Zero. Installing and maintaining infrastructure  using current methods results in tonnes of carbon intensive waste and the on-going consumption of carbon intensive materials for repairs. Don’t underestimate the impact this… Read More

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There is a world-wide concern for improving the sustainability of urban developments.  Smart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year for developing the world’s first truly sustainable solution to this complex problem. Smart self-healing foundations use recycled pertroleum waste to put an end the ever increasing damage and on-going consumption of carbon intensive materials, enabling… Read More

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Main Roads WA has approved the use of the Smart Taper-lock on traffic signage and grab-rails to improve safety and sustainability, whilst substantially reducing downstream maintenance costs. “Our selection is not based on price alone, also the safety & saving aspects.” Main Roads WA. “The Smart Taper allows the quick replacement of items, with no further… Read More

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Awarded Worksafe Award by Depatment of Occupational Health and Safety for succesfully addressing the two major causes of workplace injury: substantially reducing the major cause of injury (body stressing),  and the major cause of serious injury (working in traffic). No damage to foundations means safer roads with no disturbance to the public or to underground services… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

Our selection is not based on price alone, we also considered the safety & saving aspects of the products.

The Smart Taper allows the quick replacement of posts, with no further effort required to the base and reduces risk to our employees by reducing time spent on islands exposed to traffic!

“The Smart Taper provides a significant cost benefit by re-using the existing footing

The Impact Recovery  Bollards are truly amazing!

Our workers used to find it very difficult to keep up with the constant damage to bollards, especially in the busy city centre where they are being hit on a daily basis.

The Impact Recovery  Bollards are truly amazing! We highly recommend this system to all local government authorities.

The best ideas are simple ideas..

After being awarded Innovator of the Year by department of Commnerce an article in the Sunday Times described Smart Urban preventative maintenance solutions :

“These ideas are just so simple…it’s almost embarrassing nobody thought of them before

At the forefront of change are some of Australia’s leading mining companies, seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

To reduce the financial and environmental cost of re-locating a site, Smart re-usable foundations have been used that are protected from damage by the Smart self-healing ground socket and can be removed and relocated when the site closes leaving behind no waste, no landfill and no carbon footprint.

Zero Waste, Zero landfill, Zero on-going costs.


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