Smart Urban

Smart Urban
traffic and civil supplies

We supply bollards, sign-posts, car-park and traffic supplies at Perth’s best prices  and sustainable foundations for virtually maintenance-free developments




Take the complex job of infrastructure maintenance and make it simple 

If you’re not using Smart sustainable Foundations you are throwing money away!

  • Reduce the cost of Installing infrastructure1
  • Eliminate resource intensive maintenance practices
  • Eliminate capital intensive maintenance practices
  • Eradicate variables and the risk of cost overruns
  • Improve the safety and efficiency of roadworks
  • Developments remain in pristine condition year after year
  • From Only $25.00 for a lifetime of savings

If you are replacing just 1 sign-post a week it will cost you more than half a million to maintain over the life of a development , with bollards and traffic light columns costing considerably more. By installing bollards and road-side infrastructure on Smart Sustainable foundations you create Smart Sustainable developments that are virtually maintenance-free





Join WA’s market leaders Lend lease, Synergy, Leighton, Transfield, Theiss, BGC, KFC, Broadspectrum, Vicinity Centres, Daracon, Ward Civil, CPB and many more building a better future



All major cities in WA, Perth, Fremantle, Bunbury, Joondalup and Stirling, plus many East Coast councils from Ryde to Gosford, Orange, Northern Beaches, Pittwater & Central Coast building a better future



MRWA and major state road contractors from Downer Mouchel Gateway Alliance, to Leighton, Geogio, WBHO, Daracon, Dowsing, Tracc Civil, CBA laying the foundations for a better future



Join Australia’s leading mining Companies Rio Tinto and Hamersley Iron using Sustainable Foundations and Smart Infrastructure to reduce maintenance costs and reduce their carbon footprint.


trasnition to smart roads


By securing your infrastructure on Smart Sustainable Foundations you eliminate capital and resource intensive maintenance practices for the life of a development .

Nationally Approved



Substantially improve the resilience and effectiveness of bollards, making them impact resistant and protecting the surrounding foundations from damage for the entire lifespan of a development.



Smart Traffic Bollards can be installed in seconds on new works or retro-fitted, protecting surrounding foundations from damage for the entire lifespan of a development.



Substantially improve the resilience and effectiveness of traffic light columns, making them easily replaceable and protecting the surrounding foundations from damage for the entire lifespan of a development.



Smart sustainable foundations & Infrastructure

Australian road authorities unanimously agree we need to urgently improve the resilience of our roads and road-side infrastructure. Smart Urban Australia is using recycled petroleum waste to produce the world’s first sustainable means of securing posts and road-side infrastructure. I love modern thinking, so different from our wasteful history. Did you know replacing just 1… Read More

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That grow increasingly efficient, year after year as the money usually spent on maintenance can be used for further improvements     Safer roads Zero damage to footpaths and foundations. No trip factors. Items remain stable and secure year after year. Damaged items quickly replaced without disturbance to public or underground services Safer workplace By… Read More

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  Smart infrastructure will play a significant role in addressing resource constraints and enhancing the nation’s liveability, productivity and resilience   Infrastructure underpins every aspect of modern life and by driving the adoption of smarter infrastructure you gain greater value from new and existing assets The RMS NSW states in their annual REPORT: “In allocating… Read More

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The future is here … Our communities, cities, regions and nations need to become smarter and more innovative with existing resources and assets. Infrastructure investment, intelligent planning and robust policies are critical to achieving sustainability. In the short-term, smart technology has been identified as an effective measure to preserve existing assets and improve efficiency. In… Read More

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Widespread recognition of a crisis in road infrastructure in Australian state and local government focuses on the question of financial sustainability. The attempts to address the crisis have focused on raising additional capital to bridge the gap. This way of thinking, is an uphill battle, as the larger our population, the greater the impact upon… Read More

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Replacing just 1 posts, bollard or grab-rail a week @ $150 costs more than $390, 000.00  over 50 years providing no future benefit.  ($150.00 per replacement  x 52 weeks x 50 years = $390,000.00)   By investing $25.00 you : Eliminate resource and capital intensive maintenance practices Continue saving for the life of a development

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What they are saying

Innovator of the Year

Smart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year by the Department of Commerce for the development of the Smart Sustainable Foundations

Worksafe Award by Dept Occupational Health and Safety for succesfully addressing the major cause of workplace injury

These ideas are just so simple…it’s almost embarrassing nobody thought of them before

Our selection is not based on price alone

We also considered the safety & saving aspects of the products.

The Smart Sustainable Foundations allow the quick replacement of posts, with no further effort required to the base.

The sustainable foundations provide a significant cost benefit by re-using the existing footing and reduces risk to our employees by reducing time spent on islands exposed to traffic.

We highly recommend Smart Urban bollards

We were finding it very difficult to keep up with the constant damage to bollards, especially in the busy city centre where they are being hit on a daily basis. The Smart Urban bollards have made the job just so much easier. We also use them to protect new trees and we relocate the bollards when they are no longer required.

We are happy to provide a verbal reference

Winner  Department of Occupational Health & Safety Worksafe Award for successfully addressing

The major cause of workplace injury (body stressing), by removing the need for digging & heavy labour

The major cause of serious workplace injury – by substantially reducing time working in dangerous locations

The risk of hitting underground services