Smart Urban specialise in helping to improve the safety and efficiency of urban infrastructure

200,000 roadside items are repeatedly replaced every year- costing billions and with rapid urbanisation, this work is becoming increasingly dangerous and costly.


You can now secure CHS posts, barriers, bollards, bins and street furniture on Smart Sustainable Foundations which ensure concrete footings remain in pristine condition, re-usable for the lifespan of a development


Bollards that are Secured using Smart Sustainable Foundations become re-usable impact after impact, remaining safe and secure year after year. Zero waste, Zero harm


Traffic light columns can now be secured on Smart Sustainable Foundations eradicating damage and disturbance- greatly improving road safety and reducing disturbance

The solution is so simple”


Low cost, sustainable solutions that have a positive, lasting impact on the environment and your bottom line, helping you to not just survive, but thrive!

ZERO Damage

Instead of installing infrastructure in disposable footings- you can now make sure they remain in pristine condition for the entire lifespan of a development


Presented DOH&S Worksafe Award for eradicating the major causes of injury digging and heavy labour and time working in traffic

ZERO Risks

Posts, barriers, bollards etc can be removed, relocated or replaced quickly and efficiently, without disturbance to traffic or foundations. Zero waste


make foundations re-usable impact after impact

APPROVED NATIONALLY Used to secure CHS posts, barriers, bollards, bins and street furniture. Smart Sustainable Foundations ensure concrete footings remain in pristine condition, re-usable for the entire lifespan of a development.

make bollards re-usable impact after impact

You can secure In-ground and surface mount steel, stainless steel and poly bollards using the Impact Recovery System to protect both the bollard and the surrounding foundations, making them re-usable impact after impact

Large shock absorbing foundations for columns

Used to secure traffic light columns, Smart Sustainable Foundations ensure expensive footings remain in pristine condition and are re-usable for the entire lifespan of a development. Zero waste, Zero harm

What our clients say

“ Our selection is not based on price alone, we also took into consideration the safety and saving aspects. The Smart Sustainable Foundations allow quick replacement of items with no further effort required to the base, (providing a significant cost benefit in replacing the damaged item by re-using the existing footing ) and reduces risk of injury to employees by reducing time spent on traffic islands exposed to traffic.” 


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In today’s market you need to get serious about sustainability. “For companies to have a fighting chance of enduring success, they can no longer be half-hearted or tentative about sustainability. They have to embrace circular economy models so they don’t just survive, but thrive.”


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