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As our populations grow so does the damage and the cost of maintaining our roads and urban developments – we have a simple solution


financially sustainable roads and urban developments

Around 90% of road projects go over time and over-budget. Many say it’s corruption, but if you work in the industry you know there are any number of things that can ruin a well planned budget or time frame.

any number of things can blow your budget or deadline

The job’s almost finished and looking’ good. You budgeted four days to install the signs and bollards but delays with the powder coaters mean the bollards won’t be delivered for 4 days; windy conditions keep knocking over your temporary signage and a worker is almost hit, so you employ a new guy to direct traffic; damage to underground cables and 3 days of rain put you further behind the deadline, so the guys must do overtime. There’s late penalties to pay, and to make matters worse they have ruined the newly laid paving, so now you’re behind schedule, over budget and the job is a mess – it’s not even going to pass inspection!

The solution is so simple it’s almost impossible to believe

The Sunday Times

Now you can install and maintain posts, grab-rails, barriers, bollards, street furniture and traffic light columns, creating a perfect finish and every job is on-time and on-budget

Instead of taking weeks, you can install the infrastructure for an entire development in a single day and the only on-going cost for events, maintenance and future upgrades, is labour. Zero on-going risk of cost overruns, saving billions over the lifespan of a development.

Join the market leaders

 from Lend lease, Synergy, Leighton, Transfield, Theiss, BGC, Broad Spectrum, Downer Mouchel, Leighton, Georgiou Group, Vicinity Centres, Ertech, Daracon, Ward Civil, CPB, WBHO, Daracon, De Gray, Dowsing, Tracc Civil, CBA, Tomen Corporation, City of Perth, Fremantle, Bunbury, Joondalup, Melville and Stirling, Ryde to Gosford, Orange, Central Coast Council, Pindan and Rio Tinto

A visit to any one of these Smart developments will not fail to impress


laying the foundations for a truly circular economy

Instead of using the current linear approach of “purchase, dispose of and re-purchase”, literally throwing money and valuable resources away, year after year, creating a major problem for future generations

By making foundations sustainable, you can actually reverse this trend, creating a truly circular economy where resources are re-used year after year, for the entire lifespan of a development

financial and carbon resources can now be made re-usable year after year

Instead of being in a constant state of decline, Smart roads and cities remain in pristine condition with zero waste and the money usually spent on repairs can be spent on further improvements



achieving previously unattainable levels of safety & efficiency

By making foundations sustainable Australia’s market leaders are achieving previously unattainable levels of safety and efficiency on both new works and maintenance

Worksafe Award DOH&S

Smart Urban was presented the DOH&S Worksafe Award for substantially reducing the risk of injury to road workers

All work is performed quickly and efficiently, from a standing position facing on-coming traffic, without disturbance to the public or underground services


environmentally sustainable developments

One of the largest levers we have to inhibit climate change is through the reduction of concrete waste and on-going consumption of concrete (considered the most destructive material on earth)

Until now, road authorities signing the zero waste agreement had absolutely no hope of achieving their target

The good news is.. you can now achieve zero waste and “the solution is so simple it’s almost impossible to believe

The Sunday Times



zero carbon footprint for mine-sites

Mining giant Rio Tinto approached Smart Urban for a means of securing their infrastructure on Smart Sustainable Foundations and making the entire concrete footing relocatable – we delivered

  • Reducing maintenance, shut down and relocation costs
  • Reducing landfill and the on-going consumption of carbon resources
  • Reducing their carbon footprint

We developed the Smart Re-locatable concrete footings – Zero waste, Zero carbon intensive landfill and zero  consumption of concrete or steel required for the new site

Simply Smarter Road & Traffic Supplies


Smart Sustainable Foundations are approved nationally for securing sign posts, grab-rails and bollards (MRWA have approved the use of cheaper, more durable CHS posts in all regions)

QLD MR Department requested we develop Sustainable Foundations for securing Traffic Light Columns (now in final testing phase are Smart Sure-stop Foundations. Call us for further information)

View our range of signage, posts, grab-rails, bollards, columns, safety supplies and sustainable foundations (Approved Nationally)

Repeated repairs of civil infrastructure over their service life is decidedly unsustainable

(Vision 2020)

Because repairs are often short-lived (with around half of all field repairs failing) many developed countries are experiencing unprecedented amounts of civil infrastructure deterioration, so much so that the annual outlay for repair and rehabilitation has outstripped the cost of new infrastructure construction. We have a simple solution



Simply smarter Bollards

Bollards are highly vulnerable to impact from vehicles creating a never-ending cycle of damage and on-going consumption of carbon intensive resources for repairs.

City of Perth and Fremantle came to us asking if they could secure their bollards on our Sustainable Foundations and possibly make them impact resistant? A big ask, but we delivered.

We developed a simple low cost means of securing bollards on sustainable foundations making the bollard re-usable impact after impact, saving thousands over the lifetime of a development


The Australian government signed the Paris Agreement, with both state and local government authorities having signed zero waste agreements, yet we were concerned as to why, despite the level of urgency, many continue with “business as usual

With many road authorities overwhelmed by the growing workload they are often “too busy” to find time to even seek out solutions, so we have established a sustainable co-operative and innovation hub for industry to share ideas and knowledge

zerocivil.com- sustainable solutions innovation hub

We built this site for you, to encourage and foster sustainable development and help build a better future. We encourage you to share ideas and support one another in this transitional stage to a more sustainable world.


How we can help

Zero damage or waste

Smart Sustainable Foundations remain in pristine condition impact after impact, year after year, for the entire lifespan of a development. Zero damage, zero carbon intensive waste.

Zero disturbance

Damaged items are replaced quickly and efficiently using ergonomic tools, from a standing position facing traffic. Zero digging or disturbance to public or underground services.

Zero consumption

By making foundations sustainable you put an end to the on-going consumption of concrete and vital carbon resources for repairs, laying the foundations for a better future.

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Our dream is of building a future without damage, waste, or on-going consumption, but we cannot do it alone, we need your help. We can provide you with the tools but it is up to you to build a better future.